This is 2wheels bad – welcome

Hello and welcome to 2wheelsbad

London. Got to love it. Got to love the way we all get around, making short work of the chaos of an overcrowded city. Tube, bus, taxi, some even persist, for reasons best known to themselves, with the car. But I’m sure you’ve noticed, as have I, the huge growth in 2 wheel transport. Motorbikes, yes, but particularly bikes. Everyday the numbers seem to grow wherever you look. Every junction at rush hour is packed with bikes waiting to set off, every bus lane a maze of buses avoiding bikes, Boris bikes, racing bikes, shopping bikes.

All very good. All very green. But I want to add to the debate about the minority of cyclists who believe they own London, the whole of London, the roads, the pavements: no laws for them. We know its a minority but they sure give the rest a bad name.

I’m fed up of stepping onto a pedestrian crossing to be mown down by a bike that doesn’t believe stop means them. I’m fed up of waiting for traffic lights to change to cross the road, only to find my way across blocked by bikes who don’t know where to stop or those that don’t bother. I’m fed up with bikes bearing down on me on the pavement because the road is one way – the other way!


So this blog is dedicated to what cyclists do wrong. We will shame where we can. We will capture their photos and you can see them put ours, yours, their own lives on the line.

Today, though, we will start with the environment. A study below and captured on our blog page background in how to ruin a listed building.

Look out for more.



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