Let’s start here

Ok. I hope you liked my opening post. I’m pretty much a blogging virgin but thought it was about time I dipped my toe in the water – or put my foot on the crossing perhaps.

A fitting metaphor, I think, because today’s subject is a regular type of idiot. That`s right, the one who thinks it`s just fine to cycle across a zebra crossing at maybe 25mph with no thought about who is walking quite innocently across. I suppose it’s a small comfort that at least there was no other traffic around when I saw this because when 4 wheeled vehicles have politely stopped and a cyclist zooms across on the inside that`s when it really gets dangerous.
I know this blog will be dedicated to all forms of 2 wheeled lunacy and in most cases that concerns a 2 wheeled idiot risking taking on a car, or worse, a bus or a truck. But on a crossing the risk is very much bike v pedestrian and we all know who’s coming off worse there!

So. Hey! You want to kill yourself by tangling with cars go ahead. Messy and unnecessary and grist to my mill here but it’s the minority idiot at fault again. Take me on at a crossing, though, thats`s different. That’s threatening my safety. I’m gonna get ya, if only in words.

So please STOP. IT`S THE LAW AND IT APPLIES TO YOU TOO. And not only that; it really is the responsible thing to do. For you, for me and for the majority of your fellow cyclists who DO know how to behave.


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