Red light spells…danger

Here’s one of my biggest bugbears. The red light jumper. Now I know that if you write anything like this on any of the myriad cycling blogs that are temples to the lycra clad you get an immediate response saying that motorists jump red lights too. It’s true, they do. I’ve seen it on LOTS of occasions. BUT generally speaking, they tend to be last minute chancers, amber gamblers and yes it’s a pain and yes it’s just as wrong as any other bit of road law breaking.

But what gets me about the cyclist red light jumpers is the fact that I will often see them act as if the light simply doesn’t exist. Everyone stopped for some reason? Excellent! I’ll shoot through at warp speed. Once again, it’s the fact that this is or at least should be unexpected that makes it so bloody dangerous.redlight

When I was crossing with a green man on the signal in central London last week a cyclist shot out of the road oppposite, dinged his bell furiously at me as if I was the one in the wrong and disappeared shouting ‘f**ing watch out!’. Lovely. I wasn’t texting. I wasn’t distracted. I wasn’t doing anything except crossing a road in a place I was perfectly entitled to. It’s NOT on, cyclists. Stop doing it.


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