Fools of the Road

Can you imagine what would happen if we decided that the Highway Code was optional? Of course there are already transgressers. Most drivers, I’m guessing, speed a bit and without your occasional red light jumper, drink driver and so on there’d be no need for those lovely little two letter acronomys that litter some people’s driving licences – all your TP and SPs and DRs. But what if LOTs of us decided simply not to bother with things like one way streets? What if we regularly decided that instead of waiting in a jam we’d bump over the central reservation, reverse up a slip road or drive a few yards on the pavement? Sound extreme? Well, welcome to what seems increasingly to be the modus operandi of the London cyclist.

Have a look at this guy.
photo 2013-05-29 3

He didn’t fancy staying out of the yellow cross hantched box when the lights were on red so he pretended it was a pavement, hopped off and walked across it. Genius. I mean why bother sticking to the real rules when you can make up your own? I have a few suggestions that motorists might like to adopt so as not to be left out.

Red lines at the side of the road a bother? Pretend they’re yellow and stop there anyway. Why let a little thing like a red route spoil your day?

Don’t fancy waiting for lights? Crack on and go across after all, if someone hits you, it’ll be their fault for not looking properly, no?.

Irritating one way street going in the wrong direction? It’d be much more convenient if it was two way – make it so!

Pavement in your way? Drive over it. Putting it there was obviously an oversight on the part of a crappy highway planner and you know best, don’t you?

Someone on a crossing you want to drive across? Put your foot down. They’ll soon shift when they see you coming.

Of course there might be some collateral damage. A few more accidents and so on but if we can get to work more quickly and not have to bother with all that tiresome waiting and obeying signs, surely it has to be worth it?


2 thoughts on “Fools of the Road

  1. If the guy in the photo was pushing a pram and crossing with a green man in his favour, would you still choose to photo him and apply your sharp judgement? If a cyclist knows that it’s going to be a three minute cycle until they get the green light, but that walking for 30 seconds will see them safely and comfortably on their way, what’s the harm?

  2. I’d think he was nuts to be pushing a pram on a busy road and not on a crossing. But he’s not pushing a pram, he’s pushing a bike on a very busy junction where no one is going to expect to see a dismounted cyclist. Why not wait and obey the rules like the several other cyclists who actually did? If he’d been involved in an accident I can’t see ‘I was saving time’ going down well as an excuse.

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