Damn! Too late

Today’s tale is, I’m afraid, one of missed opportunity. Of how, although I always try to have my camera at the ready, quite often the sheer lunacy of London’s cyclists beats me to the draw. How in reality I have many more stories than I get to evidence for you, dear reader. They say the camera never lies. This may be true but unfortunately it also does not quite tell the truth quickly enough at times.

Take this evening. On my way home I was walking my usual route in central London – camera prepared for documenting the usual lawlessness. But I was not prepared for what happened next. I crossed a one way street. No cars emerging, so I stepped out. Lo and behold, a cyclist rounded the corner from my right entering the one way street in the wrong direction, almost removing my bag and camera from my hand. I was not fast enough to snap.

The same was true an hour later when walking along Portobello Road towards the Westway. I was completely taken by surprise by a cyclist travelling swiftly towards me on the road. Those of you who know the area will know that the road at that point is one way and one way TOWARDS the Westway. Again I wasnt quick enough to snap.

So, as I like to keep mutimedia on the page, todays photos are unrelated to this. A snap here of an apparent crime scene close to my flat. Council markings clearly establish this is serious enough for CSI!


But which is the worst? The rubbish left out at the wrong time or this crime against the environment of All Souls church?


Anyway, as I’m clearly too slow on the shutter please point me towards any of your own snaps that might help these pages blossom.


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