Three in a Red

Sorry folks – it’s been so long since I posted here. Don’t be fooled though into thinking that means I’ve forgotten what goes on out on the roads.

A very busy few weeks and a holiday (cycling round the roads of London – not). But I’m back and let’s see what the Autumn and darker nights bring.

As you know, cyclists crossing red lights is a particular bugbear of mine. Earlier this week I was nearly clipped by a cyclist turning right against red lights on Upper Regent Street who promptly abused me for wanting to unreasonably cross the road. What can you say – I was right, he was wrong, but not his fault, guv.

While I’ve been away it’s been heartening to see others starting to take up the cause. It’s good to see that there are those who want to see cycling as part of the solution to London’s transport issues realising that has to mean responsible cycling. We have had a very good programme from the BBC – Routemasters – highlighing some of the issues – and Oympic Gold medalist Laura Trott on the front of the Evening Standard telling us how the behaviour of some of London’s cyclists horrifies her.

But for now let’s return to red lights.
3 on a red
I have a picture for you today of 3 villains crossing on red on Oxford Street. Examine it closely and you will see – neither of the 2 in the junction looking to see what traffic is using the crossing route and also a pedestrian on the far left hand side trying to cross when he should have right of way. When will you learn folks?

Finally – I have a quandary. Should I post the embarassing picture of a well known media type cycling the wrong way along Portobello Road. I don’t know. Guess who and maybe I will.